Artist Info

Hey Artists!

SOTHETIC is all about celebrating the artists. We develop a symbiotic relationship where we take care of the business side and make it easy on you.  The only thing you have to do is submit your artwork/bio and make an account to get paid...that's really bullshit!  This is how it works:

  You submit your artwork and bio following the requirements on the Submit Your Artwork page.  Feel free to submit artwork that you have made in the past to make money on work you already have done!

  We only ask for non-exclusive rights so feel free to keep selling your artwork elsewhere

  Once your art is accepted, go to the Artist Login page, click Register & fill out your information

  From there your artwork will be added to our apparel, go live in our shop and linked to your account.  Every time a piece of clothing with your artwork on it is sold then you make royalties!

  SOTHETIC takes care of the manufacturing, distribution, advertising, fees & website upkeep; so once your art is submitted all you have to do is collect the $$$!

  Your bio will be posted on our website along with all your social media handles posted to our website and on all of our social media pages

  Once you are registered, link your Paypal account and you will be able to view a dashboard of all the sales & royalties and automatically be paid out!  See below for the example dashboard.

Artist Dashboard Example